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We focus on building new innovative products. Our products include

gooey Gooey – The ultimate GUI Development Toolkit can be used to generate GUI in cpp within easy steps and in a perfect OO (Object oriented) maner. Here all are considered as an object.

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xmonitor A logger for the cms xoops . Using this you can track each users activity in a forum,blog or in a group activity. So it will be easy to track that who deleted that forum, like that. The only thing you had to do is that add the LOG code where ever necessary.

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gogo Comming Soon [preview]

examlog Examlog is a tool to help the staff during university exam time. It is the computerized approach to the manual work done by the staff during he exam time and lessens the burden. It helps in creating the list of students who are qualified for appearing the university exams, helps in their seating arrangement and finally helps in creating the list that is to be sending to the university

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